China (Suzhou) Acoustics Industry Expo
Time: June 1st-3rd, 2023
Scale: About 12,000 square meters
Venue: Changshu International Exhibition Center (Hall A, B, C, D)
Ultrasonic Hall(Hall A)、Material Acoustics Hall(Hall B)、Electroacoustic Hall (Intelligent Acoustics)(Hall C)、New technology and product Distribution Area(part of Hall A、B、C)、Business Negotiation Area(part of Hall A、B、C)、Public Service Area(part of Hall D)
  • Ultrasonic Hall(Hall A)
    Biomedical Acoustics:Diagnosis and Treatment, Imaging, Minimally Invasive Surgical System equipment.
  • Material Acoustics Hall(Hall B)
    Biomedical Acoustics:High-end NVH materials; Acoustic Insulating material for household appliances and advanced electronic equipment; Architecture and residential engineering decorative sound absorbing materials;Acoustics materials performance test equipment.
  • Electroacoustic Hall (Intelligent Acoustics)(Hall C)
    Biomedical Acoustics:High-end Integrated Digital Speaker, Headset Module, MEMS Precision Devices,Acoustics and Information Science :Microelectronic Microphone, Audio Information Storage System equipment, etc.
Directed by
Ministry of Science and Technology
China Association for Science and Technology
Supported by
Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission
Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology
Jiangsu Department of Industry and Information Technology
Jiangsu Department of Commerce
Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology
Hosted by
The Acoustical Society of China
Nanjing university
Suzhou Municipal People's Government
Organized by
Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau
Suzhou Industry and Information Bureau
Changshu People's Government
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