Introduction of “China Acoustics Valley”

To thoroughly implement President Xi Jingping’s important statement on innovative development, “China Acoustics Valley" is jointly built by Changshu People's Government, Nanjing University and the Acoustical Society of China. It relies on innovation to drive the conserved growth of high-quality economic and social development, and promotes the formation of significant innovation practice combined by acoustic innovation chain and industrial chain. The core area is located in the National Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone.

“China Sound valley" with acoustic technology innovation as the main content, to strive for the national center for technology innovation as the goal, efforts to achieve the high level science and technology support and acoustic fields, in accordance with the "advancement, openness, intensive, save" construction policy, to "talent chain, innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain" four chains of fusion for the construction content, Focus on research and development of "sound", "manufacturing", "life", by international acoustics industrial technology research institute as the core, the layout of various kinds of acoustic innovation platform, construction materials, acoustics, medical acoustics, acoustics, ocean acoustic information, electroacoustics six technical center, adapt to the need of the acoustic field of national major and focus on key materials, such as the core device "their" problem; Make full use of the driving effect of existing acoustic enterprises such as Lixun Precision and Hengtong Ocean, focus on acoustic chip module, electro-acoustic core devices and high-end acoustic materials, plan acoustic manufacturing cluster area, build acoustic Valley innovation acceleration center, acoustic joint testing center, material acoustic industrial park, etc. Expand acoustic applications in the field of society, culture, art, adhering to the "acoustic make the city more beautiful" concept, planning area of 13 square kilometres of valley fashionable beauty city, set up honking snapped, sonic guidance, directional interference, traffic shock absorption, noise reduction, sound scene optimization acoustic application scenarios, such as building acoustics application experience area and view the best livable city.

Introduction of Changshu Economic and Technical Development Zone

Changshu Economic and Technical Development Zone (CEDZ), established in 1992, is the core area of the construction of “China Acoustics Valley” and was upgraded to national Economic and Technical Development Zone in 2010. It has changshu Port, one of the top ten inland river ports in China, as well as national Changshu Free trade Zone and Changshu International Logistics Park. Based on the geographical advantage, 600 foreign invested enterprises from over 20 countries and regions has settled in CEDZ, with a total investment of 43.2 billion dollars, forming a harbor industrial cluster represented by auto & parts, electric energy, fine chemical, high-grade paper, Marine engineering equipment and special steel. In 2020, the regional GDP reached 97.1 billion yuan, the public financial budget revenue reached 7.8 billion yuan, the industrial investment reached 15.3 billion yuan, and the registered foreign capital reached 2.02 billion Dollars.

Based on the new development orientation, CEDZ focus on the implementation of 3 increase on auto industry, changshu port and chemical industry clusters, 3 development on new generation information technology, the Internet economy and urban economic, 3 promotion on manufacturing industry, services industry, science and technology innovation, sticking to the principle of "large amount, tax sources, less consumption, appropriate advanced" to promote the transformation of traditional industries into the "7+1" direction, including acoustics, new-generation information technology, Internet economy, automobiles and core components, Marine economy, green chemistry, 5G new materials, and ultra-high-definition displays. At the same time, CEDZ will focus on fostering innovation ecosystem, leading future development, and making every effort to build "China Acoustic Valley".

Introduction of international Institute of Acoustics Industry technology

International Institute of Acoustics Industry technology is located in Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. It was jointly inaugurated in November 2020 by Xu Kunlin, secretary of suzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Lu Jian, president of Nanjing University.

As the innovation source of "Suzhou • China Sound valley", the Research Institute is an important platform for sound Valley to gather high-end R&D talents, break through key and core technologies, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivate strategic emerging industries. Breakthrough research based on acoustic materials, key core components development, major equipment system research for the mission, development and cultivate creative kernel competitive industries, build in frontier technology research, key and common technology research and industry application technology as the core of the innovation system of the whole chain, creating national acoustics technology innovation center, Strive to become the "engine" of acoustic industry development in China and even the world, the "point" of scientific and technological innovation and the "highland" of talent training.The institute attracts global acoustic research experts and industrial talent teams, and absorbs talent teams to build technical research centers in medical acoustics, engineering acoustics, material acoustics, information acoustics, electroacoustic technology, Marine acoustics and other directions. Institute to support him independent construction, the union construction, built building materials in the form of acoustic detection platform, harshness (NVH) vehicle detection platform, acoustic detection platform, the sound quality test platform, engineering laboratory, micro-nano processing laboratory, virtual simulation laboratory, super work center, prototype testing laboratory experiment platform, such as building acoustics project development supporting ecological system.At present, the Research Institute has been listed of Suzhou Entrepreneurship and innovation in the aspirations valley incubation base, Suzhou Acoustics Industry technology industry-university-research Collaborative innovation base, Key Laboratory of Suzhou Acoustic Technology Innovation Center (preparatory), Nanjing University industry-university-Research cooperation base "Suzhou · China Sound Valley" base, “Suzhou China Sound Valley” Technology Transfer Center, State Key Laboratory of Solid State Microstructure Physics, Nanjing University. It is a member of Jiangsu Science and technology Innovation Service Alliance and Suzhou Acoustics Society. The institute is striving to become the acoustic technology innovation center of Jiangsu Province.

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